Men Running T-shirt "Lale"

LETO Sports Gear
Unveil the hidden beauty with the 'Lale' running t-shirt, a perfect fusion of heritage and innovation. This t-shirt subtly incorporates the iconic Turkish tulip within a modern, geometric pattern. Initially elusive, the tulip design reveals itself to those who look closer, offering a unique visual experience that once seen, is always remembered. Reflecting the depth of Turkey's floral emblem and the journey of LETO Sports Gear, this t-shirt combines breathable, lightweight material and a proven cut for comfort and movement. Embrace the #LoveEatTrainRepeat lifestyle with a design that connects you to Turkey's rich culture in every stride.
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Country: Turkey

Fabric: 75% polyester %25 elasthan 120gr/m

Features: Breathable, Lightweight, QuickDry

Weight: 100 gr

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